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Above: Aleks Vranicic holds the WCAL League Champion plaque


Aleks Vranicic steps down as head coach 3/23

Today is a sad day for Valley Christian Soccer.  The boys varsity soccer team must say goodbye to the coach that led the program to unprecedented heights.  Today, Aleks Vranicic, has announced that he will not be returning as coach for next season. 


In 4 seasons as head coach, Aleks compiled some extremely impressive accolades including:

  • A 44-27-19 record, including 28-17-11 in the WCAL.

  • A WCAL League Championship in 03-04

  • CCS Ranking as high as #4

  • Qualified for CCS 3 of his 4 years, and advanced as far as the Semi-Finals.

  • Coached the most successful boys soccer team in school history (17-2-5) in 03-04.

Aleks steps down with the program heading in the right direction.  Great young talent will be moving from JV to Varsity next year, and several strong players will return from this year. Aleks will be sorely missed, but everyone who played for him will always be grateful for the time he spent building the programs.


VCSoccer.com caught up with Aleks to ask him a few questions about his decision.  The interview is here!


VCSoccer: Why have you decided to resign as Men's Varsity Soccer coach?


Aleks: This was a very difficult decision to make as I've grown to love the kids and VC Soccer as a whole but it was necessary.  If certain circumstances were different I would have kept on coaching but as life changes so do our priorities, commitments, and responsibilities.  Like I said, this was very difficult to do.


VCSoccer: You had many great moments as coach, what are some of the memories you will cherish the most?


Aleks: The memories wouldn't fit on this page but to list a few high points for the past 4 seasons. Having Freshmen and Sophomores on Varsity and soundly beating the other WCAL teams.  My favorite season has to be my first one. With the general expectation of VC Soccer to do nothing but to try to stay afloat in the WCAL and finishing 2nd to Bellarmine and making it to the Semifinals in CCS.  That was a great season.  In general having the kids work hard and see that it all pays off.  The more they put into it the more they got out of it.  The fact that I was a witness in watching great players develop and go onto college and to see them dominate put a smile on my face.  As I write this a flood of memories come to mind and its hard not to hold back the emotions.  I love VC Soccer and I'll always be proud of it!  


VCSoccer:  What message would you like to send to the players at VC as well as alumni who played under you?


Aleks: Keep the tradition of hard work in everything you do, God, family, school, soccer, and work.  A good principle to remember is one that I learned when I was a student at Valley and that is, "what you feed grows, what you starve dies." As I move on and pass the torch to a new coach, I want all the past and present players to keep feeding VC Soccer so that it goes onto even greater accomplishments.


VCSoccer: What do you feel about the direction of the soccer program at Valley Christian?


Aleks:  The direction is exactly where it should be, on the up and with positive momentum. I think we've accomplished everything we set out to do except the retractable dome :-).  That will come one day!  My hope is that VC Soccer will see a spike and a new energy with the new coach.  It would make me sad if VC Soccer didn't achieve more than what has been achieved.  VC Soccer is not too far from being the WCAL Champion and CCS Champion.  I can feel it...its coming...all you have to do is believe!!! 



Quote Sheet:

John Basanese - Alumni and Assistant Coach of Varsity:

"This is a tough day for me.  I've enjoyed coaching with Aleks all four years.  I remember when he first asked me to coach with him.  I wasn't sure that I wanted to do it, but it has become the thing I am most passionate about.  I owe Aleks a debt of gratitude for bringing me along with him."


"We had four great years together.  This team, and this program is so strong right now.  His wisdom and guidance have helped our program become well respected around the CCS.  He's been a great leader for this team, and he will be sorely missed."


"The love that the athletes, past and present, have for Aleks is a indicator of the type of coach he is."

Ronald Jenkins - VC standout and Current JV Head Coach:

"I really enjoyed having Aleks as my coach! He worked us hard but it payed off! I also had the privilege of coaching with him! In both areas I learned a lot from him and am sad to hear he is leaving!"


"I always loved the off the field time we spent at McDonalds where he shared his wisdom in dipping apple pies and fries in a milkshake; its glorious!!"

Jeff Coggan - VC's All-Time Leading scorer, played four years for Aleks:

"One memory of Coach Aleks, has to be during my freshman year. It was after the first day Aleks let me try out for the team. After training a couple guys and I went to McDonalds. I remember Aleks ordering a ..1 Big Mac Meal, Super-sized with a Vanilla Shake instead of a soda and 2 apple pies. This is the funniest thing because Aleks always told us to eat healthy!"

"On a serious note, as a coach he taught the team to play very simple with all of the shape work that we did. He will be missed."

James Coggan - Former VC and current SPU standout:

"Aleks was a great coach who did an excellent job building a great program. He demanded discipline, respect, and a strong work ethic from the players, which allowed his teams to achieve great things.
My fondest memories of Aleks were those off the field, at places like team dinners and McDonald's, where we got to know Aleks the person and friend.
Much thanks goes out to him for all he's done for VC Soccer, and I wish him the best of luck."

Brandon Stirm - Former VC and current APU standout:

"It was great what Aleks did for that program. He helped take us to CCS playoffs and helped change the program along with Coach Basanese. Well done Aleks!"

Donny Dequine - Former VC and current APU standout:

"Aleks was able to come in and demand respect from us players, and I think we needed that. Ultimately, I believe it changed the program to what it is today."


"My favorite memory of Aleks would be when we were practicing on the baseball field and he pulled the "miracle" by having us run forever.  Aleks just kept saying go. We ran for about an hour and a half in the dark. Not bad."