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John Basanese

 John Basanese retires as Head Coach. 3/9/10

See below a letter from Head Coach, John Basanese.

**Disclaimer** - This letter is intended for readers of VCSoccer.com, and is not approved by Valley Christian Schools.

 Dear Valley Christian Community,

 As of yesterdayís awards banquet, I have officially retired as the head of Valley Christianís Boys Soccer program.  Though this was an extremely difficult decision, with my new marriage, I can no longer give the time to the program that I feel the student athletes deserve.   Coaching soccer in a program like this is a full-time job that requires late nights, if you want to do it right.  My priority has switched from VC Soccer to my new family, so itís the right time for me to walk awayÖwith true gratefulness.

 My eight years of coaching at Valley Christian have been nothing short of amazing.  Over my time we won a WCAL title, made 4 CCS Playoff appearances, and had many incredible young men pass through the program.  I am so thankful to everyone who has had a role in my career at VC, and I want to call out a few specifically.

-          My family, including my wife Anna.  My family has been my greatest support, thank you!

-          Eric Scharrenberg & Jolene Fugate .  As Athletic directors at Valley Christian, they have never been anything short of fully supportive of me, and my program.  Iím truly grateful and believe that they are the best around.

-          The School.  Valley Christian is an amazing place, with great students, great faculty, and great staff.  At every turn, the school has been first rate.

-          The Parents.  In my time here, the parents of VC have always been great.  Thank you for all of your support!

-          The players.  I was blessed to see two sets of Freshman > Senior classes in my tenure.  Many of these student athletes became personal friends, whom I hold dear to this day.  I count myself fortunate to have interacted with all of you!

-          The WCAL, and itís coaches.  This is a tremendous league that we play in!  Itís run very well by Ed Ravenscroft, and the coaches are top notch.  Thank you all for making my experience great!  Specifically- Patrick Lowney, Jeff Wilson, and Vinnie Bachanas for making me feel welcome as a new WCAL coach.  I count you as friends!

-          Dennis Knight, San Jose Mercury News.  Iíve always appreciated Dennis covering high school sports.  He brings attention to the kids, and thatís what itís about.  Thank you Dennis for your time and dedication to CCS, you do a great job over there!


The program is in great shape, and Iím looking forward to coming out to the games next year to see the boys continue to succeed. 

May God continue to richly bless the community of Valley Christian Schools, the WCAL, and its student athletes.

With fond appreciation,

John Basanese -  (jbasanese@gmail.com)