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Jimmy Coggan  Interview 10/16/04.

vcsoccer.com sat down with former VC star Jimmy Coggan, now playing for Seattle Pacifc University, and asked him some questions.  Check out the interview:

VC:  How do you like the school at SPU?

JC: I like it quite a bit. It is a nice city, and the school is located in a great area of town.

VC: Are your classes difficult?

JC: No, There is a lot more reading than high school, but no homework.

VC:  Are you making good friends?

JC:Yes, I have made 3 or 4 good friends from the soccer team.

VC: What was it like living out of a hotel for 25 straight days on your road trip?

JC: It wasn't too bad at all. I had stayed in hotels for a week at a time with my teams before so I was used to it. All of our meals were payed for, I got to go home for a couple of nights, and our our hotel in Miami was right on South Beach.

VC: Was there any sort of freshman initiation you had to go through?

JC: We got our hair cut (i got a mullet-mohawk) that we had to keep for pictures, amongst other things.

VC: What number are you? Why?

JC: I wear 6 because it was the closest to what I asked for (7, 10, or 16), plus I am a freshman so I have no choice.

VC: How do you feel you're playing?

JC: I feel I am playing pretty well. I definitely picked my game up in Florida.

VC:  What do you like best about coach McGrath?

JC: He has vast knowledge of the game, and is easy-going.

VC:  Is there any part of the college game that has surprised you?

JC: The only thing was the speed of play at first.

Let's talk about VC.

VC:  Do you feel that you were ready for college soccer?

JC: Yes, definitely.

VC:  Give some advice to the current VC players as they are about to start their season.

JC: Be fit, and enjoy high school soccer because it will be some of the best times of your life.

VC:  Who is your favorite current VC player?

JC: Without a doubt, Jeff Coggan.

VC:  Do you keep in contact with former strike partner Ronnie Jenkins or Brandon Stirm

JC: Yes, we are best friends on and off the field so it is quite easy to do so.

VC: What is your favorite high school soccer memory?

JC: Probably coming back to beat Mitty in the WCAL playoffs.

VC: What teacher at VC was most influential in your life?

JC: It is a draw between Dr. Burns and Mr. Judge.

VC: Any words of wisdom or encouragement for the team this year?

JC: The team is coming off 2 very strong years, so keep it up, and you guys need to find a way to score goals.


Jimmy Coggan