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Coggan gives verbal commitment to Santa Clara University 9/27

Oh how fast they grow up.  It seems like yesterday that Jeffrey Coggan was bursting onto the Valley Christian Soccer scene as a scrawny freshman.  It didn't take long, in his freshman season, Jeff started most of the Warriors games and became an integral part of the team. Coach John Basanese recalls, "I remember thinking that Jeff had some of the most pure ability I had ever seen."

Over the next few years, Jeffrey amassed 20 goals and 21 assists, including several game winners. Coach Fugate commented; "The thing about Jeff's goals, is that they come in huge moments for us. He doesn't pad stats in blowouts...he scores against Bellarmine, and Mitty, and Serra in WCAL Championships. He's a clutch player in the true sense of the word!"

In addition to the stats, Jeffrey has racked up the awards.  To name a few:

  • 2004-2005 San Jose Mercury News 2nd Team All - CCS

  • 2004-2005 WCAL 1st Team All League

  • 2004-2005 Valley Christian Most Valuable Offensive Player

  • 2004-2005 Valley Christian Golden Boot winner

  • 2004-2005 WCAL Leading scorer

  • 03-04 San Jose Mercury New 2nd Team All - CCS

  • 03-04 San Jose Mercury News Sophomore of Year

  • 03-04 2nd Team All-WCAL

  • 03-04 Valley Christian Coach's MVP

The question, since Jeffrey's freshman year has not been if he'll play in college, but where. Contact with several Division I programs including Santa Clara, Stanford, Creighton, St. Mary's, CAL Berkeley, and Portland led Jeff to an easy decision...


As of this week, Jeffrey has decided to attend Santa Clara University and play for the Broncos. He gave his verbal commitment earlier this week!


Quotes regarding the announcement:


Jeff Coggan on his decision:

"I've always wanted to play at Santa Clara. It was a tough decision, and all the schools were very professional with me, but SCU is where I wanted to be. I'm just happy to have made the decision so that I can focus on my senior year of soccer at VC while I prepare for college."


SCU alum and MLS star Joe Cannon on Jeff's decision:

"Being close friends with coach John Basanese, I've seen Jeff play...he's definitely a top notch player.  I think that he's made the right decision to attend SCU.  In my opinion, the coaching staff at VC has worked well with his club side (Ruckus) to prepare Jeff for this transition, it should turn out well."


Brother and VC alum Jimmy Coggan:

"I am extremely excited about Jeff's decision to play at such a storied program such as Santa Clara's. SCU has always been his number one choice, and I know the squad's strength has increased exponentially. This is not to say that I am not disappointed that he is not coming to Seattle Pacific University."


VC head coach Aleks Vranicic on Jeff's decision:

"During his Freshman year it was obvious that Jeff was going to be the future of VC Soccer for the next four years. One only needs to take a slight glance at his accolades to see the depth of talent Jeff possesses. Not only is he an amazing soccer player but he's just as talented when it comes to his studies if not more so. Over the past three years Jeff has matured emotionally and skillfully, which makes all of us wonder how his Senior year will play out. He has a lot of pressure to lead this years team but pressure is something that he's used to by now. Santa Clara is fortunate to have a Jeff on their squad. He'll show the NCAA what's up! Congratulations Jeff!"


Former teammate and VC alum Ronald Jenkins:

"I'm delighted to hear that Jeff will be playing for SCU. He is a great player fit for a great team. SCU is a program where Jeff can reach his full potential and will be stretched to new levels in his game and will open more doors for his footballing career. I am very proud of him and I wish him the best of luck; I look forward to seeing him play"


Coach John Basanese on Jeff's decision:

"I can't say enough about Jeffrey as a player and as a growing man. Santa Clara has just received commitment from an absolute budding star.  He will add some immense talent to an already thriving program."


John Basanese on Jeff's impact at VC:

"Jeffrey is our best player, he makes everyone around him better. He's a very unique breed in that he can take on players 1 v 1, distribute, shoot, and defend equally. He's great with both feet, and he controls the game when he's out there. We're looking for him to be a leader in his senior year."


Coach Donny Fugate

"The school, coaching staff, and players are all very proud of Jeff today, and we look forward to watching him play in the years to come!"

More Quotes coming soon!!