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Above: Dequine in uniform for his summer team, the Firecrackers.

Azusa Pacific star midfielder Donny Dequine took a minute for a second interview with VCsoccer.com. Check out the interview!

VC: How would you rate your first two seasons at APU from a soccer standpoint?

Dequine: The first two seasons at Azusa have been a little bumpy. The first season we had very few players that could get the job done, so i played the entire game every game. Although, it was good that i got that much playing time my freshman year because my sophomore year i received very minimal playing time due to many reasons.


VC: How do you like the school?

Dequine: I love the school


VC: In your two years there, the teams have been top class. How does it feel to play for a National contender?

Dequine: It is very exciting and I hopefully will be a big part of the national championship team next year.


VC: Have you scored any goals since you've been down there?

Dequine: Just a couple... Literally, 2.


VC: How is it playing with Brandon Stirm?

Dequine: Itís great. Stirmy and I have been extremely close friends for the past couple years and with him being down there with me, it makes it that much better.


VC: How is your relationship with Coach Wolf?

Dequine: As with any relationship, it has its ups and downs but he knows the game of soccer very well. Heís a great coach.


VC: How are the facilities down there?

Dequine: We are actually in the process of getting lights I believe, but other than that we have the best field in NAIA and maybe even the top soccer facility in the nation. Our field is near perfect.


VC: Explain what it's like to travel with a team in college? How are the hotels? Does the team pay for meals?

Dequine: Our team has no money, so the hotels are very poor quality, but they pay for the food and that is usually great.


VC: Does the school support the soccer team at Azusa Pacific?

Dequine: Yes soccer is a very big sport at the school, mainly because there are a lot of students that played soccer growing up and love to come and watch. Also if a sport is doing really well than you tend to see a lot more people and a lot more faculty at the games.


VC: How have your grades been so far?

Dequine:  My grades have been doing just fine.


VC: Do you follow the team at Valley Christian much?

Dequine: I do. With Stirm down here with me it is easier to follow because he keeps me updated when I don't check myself.


VC: Now that you are a seasoned veteran, what advice can you offer to the players back home who aspire to play college soccer?

Dequine: Don't ever settle, because you can always be better. Also there is always someone out to get your spot. Last thing is to learn how to set your priorities. So often in college, we as student athletes forget what we are supposed to focus on.


VC: How have you had to change your game to suite the college level?

Dequine: Well they first started me at outside mid and I absolutely stunk.  Then they put me in the middle and I have gotten to play like I usually do. The only thing that I have had to learn is strength and also the physicality of the college level.


VC: Any words of encouragement for the Valley Christian Boys soccer team as they prepare for their 4th year in WCAL (coming off 3 straight CCS appearances)?

Dequine: High Soccer maybe your last chance to play for a championship team and/or maybe your last chance to play for a team period. Have fun and train hard, the rest will just happen. Have a great season!