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Loss at Bellarmine signals end of an era, and positives for future. 2/7

The 2005-2006 Boys soccer season ended today with a 4-0 loss at Bellarmine.  The WCAL Semifinal was a hard fought match, but it was not meant to be.

The Bells came out strong, scoring two goals in the first 10 minutes.  The Warriors fought back, and were able to create numerous scoring chances.  Just before half, Joey Stryker and Jeff Coggan worked a beautiful give and go in the box.  The Bells 'keeper came out on Jeff and made a great save to keep the game 2-0.

At half, the score was 3-0.

The second half was a big improvement.  The VC players fought hard, creating some scoring opportunities and showing great heart.  The Bells would score once more at the very end of the game, and the game would end 4-0.

Coach Basanese had this to say about the game afterwards.

"All year I've tried to teach the kids about character.  How do we respond when we're down?  In life and in soccer?  Do we pack it up and put our tails between our legs?  Or do we try harder?  Today, the team responded.  I thought we played much better in that second half.  Bellarmine is a great side, one of the best I've seen.  I'm really proud of the guys today...sad, but proud."

After the game, the mood was somber.  For the seniors, this would be the last time they'd wear the VC Blues.  Several players have been a part of the program since their freshman year.  For Ben Hansen and Jeff Coggan, the game marked the end of their four year careers on varsity.

Basanese stressed the positives in the post game speech.

"Look around you, look at these guys.  I've loved being a part of this team, and I hope you have too.  We've all made some great friends, and had great times on this team.  Losing doesn't change that."

The program will bid farewell to 10 seniors at the end of the season banquet (date not known yet).  However, there are many great young prospects in the program.  Ronald Jenkins is very positive about the JV kids that will be coming up, and there are many great young players on Varsity already.

"It's true that we're only returning 4 starters next year, but there are many juniors on the team this year who have gotten lots of playing time.  We also had 5 sophomores this year that we're very excited about," Basanese said.

The end of the season banquet details will be coming soon, but we know that it will be held in the Theater.  It will be something you won't want to miss!

vcsoccer.com man of the match: Jeff Coggan

Valley Christian 0 0 0
Bellarmine 3 1 4

VC Starting Lineup: Hansen, Williamson, Zvolanek, Favre, Nettemeyer, Field, Keeling, Coggan, Mark, Goldsmith, Stryker

Weather: Perfectly sunny, no clouds. 64 degrees