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vcsoccer.com caught up with former VC captain Chris Hansen. Chris' leadership helped lead the '03-'04 team to a WCAL Championship. Chris now redshirts at Azusa Pacific University...He took a few minutes out of his busy schedule to answer some questions.  Check out the interview!

VC: How are things going with soccer at APU?

CH: The APU soccer team is an amazing group of guys who coherently mesh their Christian faith and love for God with amazing talent and passion for the game.

Currently APU is having one of their best seasons in school history which is exciting and challenging.  It is extremely exciting to be part of such an accomplished program, but also challenging as every practice is both physically and mentally demanding. 

VC: What about college soccer has surprised you the most?

CH: Not much has surprised me.  I knew it was going to be very difficult, but maybe I didn't realize that I was joining a team that will be national contenders this year.  It is extremely demanding, especially during double days in August. 

VC: Are the classes difficult down at APU?

CH: APU classes are much like VC classes.  There is a wide range which can challenge even top students, but also allow less academically inclined to score good grades.  APU facilitates to a wide variety of students, but by no means are classes easy.  They are still college classes which are more difficult then high school classes. 

VC: How is it living with Brandon Stirm?

CH: I really enjoy living with Brandon.  Many people have roommate conflicts but Brandon is a considerate roommate who keeps "culturing" me by making me watch all the movies I missed out on because of studying.  It is also advantageous to live with a soccer roommate so you have a similar schedule. 

VC: Tell us your favorite part about APU so far.

CH: I enjoy the many activities, interesting classes, amazing chapels, and awesome people here. 

VC: What have you found most challenging at APU?

CH: The most challenging aspect is balancing all my activities.  In college every activity demands more time and skill then high school.  So doing multiple activities demands more time and effort then ever before.  Soccer might be the most challenging part this year as I am playing for such a high level team. 

VC: What advice would you give to this years VC soccer team?

CH: Work together as a team.  Last year we did a better job of this but seeing APU's team I have come to realize how important this really is.  One reason why we are undefeated this year is that everyone on this team loves each other, and most guys on this team will willing break a leg to help someone else on the team.  So teamwork is essential in creating a team.

Enjoy team dinners, they are free food. 

VC: What teacher at Valley Christian influenced you as a person most?

CH: Tough question to answer as so many teachers have influenced my life.  My senior year Mr. Meester probably had one of the greatest effects on me as a person.  It also helps that we studied literature and always related it back to our own lives and how we could learn from the lives of others.  Dr. Burns also had a great impact on my life as well as Mrs. Marc and Mr. Sutherland.  Countless other teachers have influence my life as I am eternally grateful for all that they have done. 

VC: What is your favorite VC Soccer memory?

CH: My favorite VC memory is winning against Serra at home for league championship.  I remember the side lines filled, people behind the fence, fans on the football stadium with drums.  It was an intense game with a great goal, good goalkeeping, and overall a great team victory winning 1-0.  It was also a huge moment in VC history as it was the first Soccer WCAL championship for a school playing in such a tough league. 

VC: Anything else you want to say to the vcsoccer.com readers?

CH: APU is a great school and look for us this year as we attempt to become NAIA national champions. 

God Bless, 

Chris Hansen



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