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Above: Jeff Coggan with date Holly Brown at Winter Formal

A family tradition, Coggan leads WCAL Scorers

The West Catholic Athletic league is widely considered one of the top Men's soccer leagues in the State of California. Every season 4-5 teams from the league (out of 8) qualify for the CCS playoffs, and often times finish near the top. On a regular basis, the San Jose Mercury News top 15 rankings include up to 4 WCAL teams. This league also churns out some of the Nation's top recruits each year, and this year has two players who have played or play on the national level.  The league produced Joe Cannon (St. Francis) who is now the top goalie in the United State's top division.

In addition to being a dominating league, a new tradition is forming...

For the second straight year, a soccer player from Valley Christian has led the league in scoring. Even more impressive than that is the fact that both players share a last name, Coggan.

In the '03-'04 season, Jimmy Coggan led the league with 11 goals and 6 assists in league.  Jimmy was unanimously voted the league's Offensive MVP for his efforts and now ply's his trade at Seattle Pacific University, where he had a successful true freshman season.

This season, Jimmy's brother Jeff Coggan emerged as the league's leading scorer. Jeff has consistently scored big goals and finished his season with 7 goals and 3 assists in just 12 games.  Perhaps more impressive is the fact that he has done this from the midfield position, and as a Junior.

"Jeff is a great player, no question about it. He has better vision than anyone I've seen at this level. We've always known that Jeff had this kind of talent, and he's likely going to leave this school as the most prolific boys soccer player in VC history;" Coach John Basanese said.

Jeff is currently only 9 goals behind the school record (29 held by Jimmy Coggan and Ronald Jenkins) since joining the WCAL in 2002. He is 6 assists behind his brother (Jimmy had 27) for the school record in assists. Here are the career stats.

"The thing that people don't realize is that he's a marked man. Every time we take the field, the other team is targeting Coggan because they know what he can do.  He's had to endure double teaming ever since his freshman year.  He's a special player." Added Basanese.

Jeff has caught the eye of several college scouts with his play on the club level with the Ruckus. His top choices include Creighton, St. Mary's, CAL, and Stanford. His 4.0 cumulative GPA will also help him with his school choice.

In addition to college coaches, Jeff has also impressed several other bystanders including: Richard Mulrooney, Joe Cannon, and Dylan Hernandez of the San Jose Mercury News.

"We could literally go and tell every opposing player that Jeff is going to put a move on them...every time, and he'd still beat them.  It's uncanny." concluded Basanese.

What excites the coaching staff the most is that Jeff is a junior. With a special player comes special results, and the Valley Christian Boys soccer team is counting on that from Jeff Coggan.