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VCSoccer.com interviews alum Jimmy Coggan 9/6


VC Alum, Jimmy Coggan ('03), took a few minutes out of his busy schedule to check in with VCSoccer.com.  Also see the update on how Jimmy's doing at Seattle Pacific University, posted here.


Jimmy Coggan, also known as James Coggan, is 2nd on VC's all-time points list.  In his storied career, Jimmy amassed 85 points, 29 goals, and 27 assists.  He trailed his brother Jeffrey by tiny margins in all three categories.  Jimmy is VC's all time leader in CCS goals with 4.


A proven scorer, Jimmy continued his soccer up in Seattle, WA at Seattle Pacific University where he is a senior studying pre-med.


Here is a quick interview with Jimmy:


VCSoccer.com: What does it mean to you to be able to play college soccer with your brother Jeffrey?


JC: It means a whole bunch to me. We play well together, and I obviously enjoy having him here.


VCSoccer.com: Do you and Jeffrey room together on the road trips?


JC: We haven't yet. We don't choose who we room with, it's all random.


VCSoccer.com: In your opinion, how has Jeff fit into the squad?


JC: He's fit in well. He came in the winter, so he played in the spring, and got to know all the guys.


VCSoccer.com: How are you feeling about your senior season so far?


JC: Confident. We've started 3-0-1 and haven't been playing well at all, so things are very promising. I've also scored 3 goals, which is good as well.


VCSoccer.com: How are your classes going?


JC: Classes don't start until the end of September, but I have a fairly light quarter.


VCSoccer.com I understand you recently took the MCATs.  How did that go?


JC: I did, but didn't do as well as I would have hoped, so I'm taking it again in January.


VCSoccer.com: Are there plans for soccer for you beyond college for you?


JC: No. I plan on going to medical school and I'm really excited about that, so other than adult league with the Firecrackers, there's not time for much else.


VCSoccer.com: Any advice for the kids at VC as they prepare for their season?

JC: Come into the season fit, enjoy soccer, and win games.


VCSoccer.com: Is there a game or trip you’re looking forward to this season?

JC: I always look forward to the games against Seattle U, and then we have the freshman orientation game this year, which is cool because the place is packed.


Thanks for your time, Jimmy, and best of luck to you this season!