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2nd interview with former VC standout, Jimmy Coggan



Jimmy Coggan, the school's record holder in many categories now plays for Seattle Pacific University. Jim is entering spring soccer up north, but took a few moments to answer some questions for vcsoccer.com! It's a great interview, have a look.  If you missed his first interview last year, it is here.


VC:  How did your freshman season at SPU turn out?

JC: It turned out well. I scored 5 goals, and got quite a bit of playing time on a good team.


VC:  With a season under your belt, how do you feel for this season?

JC: I am very confident going into this spring season, as well as the next season. I feel I can make a bigger impact than I did this year, and definitely see myself in the starting 11.


VC:  Is the team traveling this year as much as they did last year?

JC: No, not nearly as much, as far as I know. After our 25-day road trip last year, anything would seem less. But I do know that we travel to Southern California and Arizona, and possibly Florida again, but not all at once.


VC:  How do you like the coaching staff at SPU?

JC: The coaches are great. Cliff is a legend and he knows his stuff. The assistant coaches add their input as well.


VC:  What have you learned at SPU so far that has stuck with you the most?

JC: I have learned two key things. One is to play quicker, and the other is the use of my body and holding the ball up.


VC:  How are your classes going?

JC: They went well this last quarter. I start spring quarter on the 29th of March, and I have general chemistry 3, and general bio 3.


About VC Soccer


VC: Did you follow Valley Christian Soccer this year?

JC: Yes, very much. I constantly read the website, and spoke with my brother, Jeff Coggan.


VC:  What did you think of the way the season turned out for the Warriors?

JC: I think the season went accordingly. This team lost many key players in the attack, midfield, and defense. They did a great job of overcoming these loses and making CCS, beating some good teams along the way.


VC:  Any areas that you see a need for improvement?

JC: One of the key things is toughness. The few games I did see, I saw far too many people shy away from challenges and back down. So many who were important to the team needed to step their games up.


VC:  You spend a few days at our training sessions, any advice for the team?

JC: Take the sessions seriously and use them to get better, but make sure to have fun too.


VC: At least a few of the seniors this year will be continuing their careers in college next year...what advice would you give them as they prepare?

JC: Make sure you are fit enough to play at a pace or level that far exceeds the level of any high school or club game. Hit the weights, and don't be a sissy-bird. Get into challenges, and if you don't you better score lots of goals. Coaches don't want someone who gets knocked off the ball.


VC:  How do you feel about the progress your brother Jeff has made?

JC: As with any player, he only gets better with time. I have not seen him play much recently, but I know his vast skill and sheer knowledge for the game grow every time he steps foot on the pitch. I feel he has a wonderful opportunity to use the talent he has acquired over the years.


VC:  How did it make you feel that you and your brother led the WCAL in scoring in back to back years?

JC: I think it is a testament to his ability to create and score goals, as well as his nose for goal. I was very proud when I saw he was the WCAL leading scorer.


VC:  Any final comments?

JC: Well done on the season, and be prepared for the next one. Enjoy high school soccer, and don't let a coach or another player get you down.