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George Fahmy


VC Varsity Player Spotlight: George Fahmy

Written by: Amy Thomas and Cheryl Lee

George Fahmy, returning player to the Varsity Soccer team, is a starting forward this year.  He has scored 5 goals, and has 4 assists this season.  He is a wonderful teammate, and is well loved by all this fellow players, as forward Trevor Plug mentions, "I love George."


This season has been a real turning point for the senior.  As the other starting forward, Alex de Leon, states, "George has really stepped it up this season, and I'm really proud of him."


George is a key element to VC Soccer success this season.  His is a pleasure to have on the team. Joshua Rothenberg says about playing with George, "It's been magical, I've really enjoyed it."


The occassional "Gammit!" (means 'shoot the ball' in Egyptian) from the stands by his father shows his family's continual support has he continues to excel in soccer.


Britt Nelson ends with, "George brings a nice dynamic to our team.  Afterall, what would we do without our Egyptian?"


Here are some things that George's teammates had to say about him.


Christian de Leon: "He's really doing well this season, and he shows consistent effort.  It's been a pleasure playing with George these past two season."


Tyler Seaman: "Like a budding rose, George has blossomed into an awesome soccer player."


Nick Reyes: "I've watched George improve over the past few years, he's doing really well!"


Austin Mansker: "George is a great player, he always puts in 110%, and he has helped the team in many ways.


John Walitsch: "George's contribution to the forwards has helped this team significantly."


Jake Joseph: "George has improved a lot this year, and its been really cool to watch!"


Coach Basanese: "There is no question that without George, this season would've been different.  He brings a really positive attitude to our team, and his skills on the ball speak for themselves.  He's got tremendous vision, and his distribution to Alex has really benefited both of them.  I hope to see George continue his career after high school, he's really helped improve Valley Christian Soccer."


Come see George and the rest of the VC Soccer players ply their trade for Valley Christian!