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Summer Camp 2006, Day 3 a success.


July 25, 2006


After a highly successful first two days, the boys soccer camp at Valley Christian continued.  The heat actually let up a little bit to allow a pleasant session of shooting.


With the temperature in the mid- 80's, the campers went through a series of vitamin drills with Coach Fugate.  The campers worked on chest traps, one touch checking to the ball, and headers.


Following the vitamins, John Basanese led the team through a number of shooting drills to focus on the art of scoring.


The day finished with a round of 'flying changes' and the blue team finally did get a goal, from Christian de Leon.


Former VC Soccer Star (and Azusa Pacific University bound), Ben Hansen, was in attendance to help Austin out in goal.  Ronald Jenkins, JV Coach, was also there offering advice and showing us his amazing shot!


Tomorrow we will continue the camp with dribbling, and defender will get a little more work, while the forwards work on breakaways!  It promises to be a very fun session, so make sure you get some sleep and drink lots of water!


Things to remember from the VC Soccer Camp:


Day 1 - Defense (Coached by Donny Fugate)

  • Eye on the ball

  • Defensive position, on toes, hips turned.

  • Pressure defense cuts off player with the ball, while cover player denies outlet pass.

Day 2 - Passing (Coached by John Basanese)

  • Work on drills such as 'Back turn' and 'Lava passing' as often as possible.

  • 1st touch is what distinguishes the top players, work on it as often as you can!

  • Move after you pass

  • Tell the player you pass to 'what they have' as soon as you pass it.

  • As you move off the ball, think of where you'll pass when you it get...before the ball gets to you.

  • Slot passes are very effective, keep the ball low and away from the keeper.

Day 3 - Shooting (Coached by John Basanese)

  • Never get caught flat footed

  • When heading, plant your feet and use your body...not just your neck.  Remember, you're hitting the ball with your head, not the other way around!

  • Shoot to score, don't shoot to shoot.

  • Sometimes redirecting a ball is all that's necessary, you don't always need to use your laces when you shoot.

  • For extra power, land on the foot you shot with.

  • A quick shot, is often better than a good shot.

  • If you come up with a good shot, it needs a name!

Reminder: On Friday, we will be jumping in the VC pool (if you haven't seen it, it's the biggest pool ever!).  Please make sure you bring something to swim in if you want to swim.  We'll be there from 11:30 - 11:55. 


Parents, we'll be back at the soccer field afterwards for pickup.


The photos from Day 3 can be found here.  We will see you all tomorrow!


Questions? Email Coach Basanese at john@vcsoccer.com