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VC Soccer Summer Camp - Day 1 - 7/23/07


Coaches: John Basanese, Donny Fugate.

Guest Instructor: Brandon Stirm (Azusa Pacific Univ)


Points of emphasis:


1. Vitamins.  As often as possible, every soccer player needs to improve his/her touch on the ball.  Work on the 1 touch passing (5 yds apart), lava, and back/turn drills as often as possible. Remember to sweep your foot through the ball while balanced instead of 'stabbing' at the ball.


2. Body positioning for passes.  Remember to make angled runs to receive the ball in a way that makes it easier for you to make your next pass.


3. Driving a ball.  To be successful in the higher levels of soccer, you must be able to 'drive' a soccer ball.  Work on your lean off, and remember not to swing at the ball.  The key here is that repetition is the only way to improve.


4. The obvious ball is almost always the right ball to play.  Focus on receiving the ball, and looking up to play the obvious ball as soon as possible.  We will work on this more during the rest of the week.


Please make sure to hydrate each night as it's hot out there!


Photos from the session can be found here.