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Camp, day 2



VC Soccer Summer Camp - Day 2 - 7/24/07


Coaches: John Basanese, Donny Fugate, John Kusch

Guest Instructors: Tyler Williamson, Ryan Favre


Theme of the day: DEFENSE


Photos here


Points of emphasis:


1. Vitamins. 


- Chest receiving, get your arms out for balance and protection, and create a platform for the ball.  The ball should be collected gently and drop down to your feet.  Do not lean forward when receiving a ball with your chest.


- Inside foot volleys.  Lock your ankle, and get your knee up.  Focus on the ball, and punch it with the inside of your foot.


- Receiving with your thigh.  Treat the ball as if it's a basket of eggs.  You don't want the eggs to break.  The ball should stay close to your body, and you should not be using your knee at all.


- Headers.  Turn your body, push off your back leg, and use your neck.  You should be heading the ball, not the other way around.  Get your arms out for balance and protection.


2. Defensive Circuit 


- Pressure and cover.  The cover person cuts off the pass, while the pressure person looks to the force the player with the ball a certain direction.


- Use the endline and sideline as 'extra defenders' and force the player that way.


- When defending with your back to the goal, turn your body sideways to see the ball.  Use one hand to gently touch the back of the ball carrier to sense his direction, but do not push!  Don't dive in, simply hold up the player until help arrives.


- Defensive headers.  Keep your hands off the other players back at all times.  This is a sure way to be called for a foul.  If you jump straight up, you're in good shape.  Anticipate the flight of the ball.



Please make sure to hydrate each night as it's hot out there!


Photos from the session can be found here.