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VC Soccer Summer Camp - Day 3 - 7/25/07


Coaches: John Basanese, Donny Fugate

Guest Instructors: Ryan Favre, Brandon Stirm, Donny Dequine


Theme of the day: Finishing


Photos here


Points of emphasis:


1. Vitamins.  As often as possible, every soccer player needs to improve his/her touch on the ball.  Work on the 1 touch passing (5 yds apart), lava, and back/turn drills as often as possible. Remember to sweep your foot through the ball while balanced instead of 'stabbing' at the ball.


2. Finishing (shooting) Circuit 


- Inside out touch.  When receiving a ball from the outside, near the goal, work on your inside out touch and quick shot.  Remember that you will not have much time in a game to pull the trigger.  Act quickly.


- Friendly touch.  Depending on the situation, your first touch can be the difference between a goal, and an errant shot.  Use your first touch (or friendly touch) to setup your shot.  If you're right footed, and there is space...feed yourself to the right, etc.


- Turn and shoot.  A quick shot is better than a pretty shot.  If you receive the ball with your back to the goal (after you've checked to the player with the ball), turn and fire quickly.  You'll often times catch the GK off guard, and give yourself a better chance at scoring.  Work to remove stutter steps, and other things that slow you down.


-  Shoot to score, don't shoot to shoot.


- There is a big difference between a 'finisher' and a 'shooter.'  The finisher scores goals.  Remember that most of the time a well placed shot is better than a 'flashy' shot.  Just put the ball in the net.



Please make sure to hydrate each night as it's hot out there!


Photos from the session can be found here.