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VC Soccer Summer Camp - Day 4 - 7/26/07


Coaches: John Basanese, Donny Fugate, John Kusch

Guest Instructor: Brandon Stirm


Theme of the day: Dribbling, Crossing


Photos here


Points of emphasis:


1. Vitamins.  When dribbling, take small steps and touch the ball often.  Building dexterity in your feet is a vital part of being a skilled soccer player.  Touch the ball as often as possible, and work on the dribbling drills with both feet.  Keep your balance, and go slowly. 


2. Crossing


- Slot pass.  Look to angle the ball back towards the top of the six yard box.  Keep the cross away from the keeper and keep it low.  Even if your teammate doesn't get on the other end of your cross, the chances of it deflecting off someone and ending up in the goal are high.  When doing drills, do them at Game Speed!


- Friendly touch.  Give yourself a good touch before you cross the ball.  Turn your hips instead of swinging your leg across your body.


- Near, middle, far.  When you work on crosses, work on aiming them to the near post, middle of the box, and far post.  Becoming effective at determining where your cross goes is very important.


- Time your runs.  Forwards, if you're in the six yard box early, you're wasting space.  Time your run so that you arrive just at the cross comes in.  Remember to finish the ball, not shoot it.  A tap in usually is all it takes on a cross.


For tomorrow, please bring a swimsuit.  We will be going to the pool to cool off.  If you don't want to swim, it's no problem.  It's just meant to be a fun thing.


Photos from the session can be found here.