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VC Soccer Summer Camp - Day 5 - 7/27/07


Coaches: John Basanese

Guest Instructor: Brandon Stirm, Donny Dequine


Theme of the day: Fun day! Some time in the VC Pool!


Photos here


Points of emphasis:


1. Vitamins.  As often as possible, every soccer player needs to improve his/her touch on the ball.  Work on the 1 touch passing (5 yds apart), lava, and back/turn drills as often as possible. Remember to sweep your foot through the ball while balanced instead of 'stabbing' at the ball.


Message from Coach Bas:

I want to thank each of you for coming out this week.  The coaching staff and I had a great time, and I hope you did as well!


If I could ask you to take a few things from the camp that you've learned, they would be:


- Enjoy soccer, it's supposed to be fun.  When you lose the fun side of it, your game will suffer!

- Practice at game speed.  Doing drills slower will not improve you as fast. 

- Continue doing your vitamins.  The best players in the world still do these.  I have taught you the ones that will improve your touch, and that's the most important thing in soccer.  Do Lava, One touch passing, and back turn as often as possible

- The obvious pass is ALMOST ALWAYS the right pass.  Don't wait until you're pressured if there is a good pass available.  The ball can move faster than you can run.

- There is a difference between a good finisher and a good shooter.  I'd rather have 3 goals in a game that were not that pretty, than 3 great shots and zero goals...your team might appreciate it too.

- Lastly...PLAY CLUB SOCCER! When I grew up, I played year round.  The coaches in this area are great, take advantage of it!


That's it guys.  Again, it was awesome having you all out there, and I enjoyed meeting each of you.  Hope to see you at next year's camp if not sooner!


- John Basanese (Bas)


Photos from the session can be found here.