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Brandon Stirm Interview 10/13/04.

vcsoccer.com sat down with former VC star Brandon Stirm, now playing for Azusa Pacific University, and asked him some questions.  Check out the interview:

VC: How does the training at APU differ from high school soccer?

BS: Training at APU is more physical and intense. Practice is taken more seriously than high school because there are 20 players and all of them are able to start. If u slack off, you are benched. Unlike high school where there are starters who start most games.

VC: What's it like to be starting in your true freshman year?

BS: It is an awesome feeling. I never thought that I would be able to but with a lot of hard work and guidance, I won the job.

VC: How do you like coach Wolf?

BS:  Coach Wolf is an amazing guy. He doesn’t believe in running players into the ground. He likes watching us play. Overall he is a really nice guy and believes in me a lot.

VC: How is it playing with Donny Dequine?  How is he doing?

BS: Playing together again with Donny is an awesome experience, our
friendship grows everyday because we are always with each other. He is having a solid year.

VC: How are your classes going?

BS: My classes are going well. My health teacher is actually coach Wolf and so its pretty easy. The professors here are amazing.. they know so much about there profession and there able to meet with you whenever you want because they want to have a friendship with their students.

VC: How difficult is it to balance your student life with your social life and soccer?

BS:  Not hard at all. You learn that everyone stays up till 2:00 so you do your homework about 1:00 am in the morning. You usually socialize more than homework because you don’t have the same class every day of the week.

VC:  What number are you on the soccer team?  And why did you pick it?

BS: Well I am 23. I originally was 21, but they did not have a jersey for 21 so they switched me. I am definitely not going to change it since everything is going so well right now.

VC: What did you learn in high school that prepared you for college?

BS: High school, uhhh let John Basanese do the talking with the college coaches. As for soccer stuff, I worked on taking on players in high school and so that helped me.

VC: What do you wish you learned in High School soccer that might have prepared you better?

BS: I feel I was well prepared for college soccer.

VC: What advice do you give to the soccer players at VC?

BS: Work hard everyday. Go and practice by yourself as often as you can. Listen to John, Donny, and Aleks even when they get on you. High school is a chance to strengthen your weaknesses since usually players are not as skilled. Mostly, work hard and listen to those coaches.  It's rare to have quality coaches at the High School level, you're lucky.

VC: What is your favorite VC soccer memory?
BS: My favorite was the Mitty vs. VC game in the WCAL playoffs. We won 3-2 scoring two goals in 2 minutes or something like that. Sadly, Jimmy got a red card.  Even with that, it was a great win…Mitty had (and has) a very strong team!

VC: Have you met any special ladies at APU?
BS: Who knows, I have to focus on soccer and school first because I
have to do well and when I learn to balance those things, then something might occur.  I always loved Tana Smotherman. = )


VC: What is your favorite moment so far at APU?
BS: #17 Berry College in Georgia. I Had a goal and an assist in that game. My goal was the game winner in OT with less than 2 minutes. We won 2-1.


VC: Final thoughts? Shots out?

BS: I’d just like to thank Valley Christian High School for the opportunity that they gave me.  That school was a tremendous confidence boost for me as a student and a person.  I hope to make the school and my coaches and teachers proud of me moving forward.  And of course, I’d like to thank my family for their support!  Lastly, I know the season is about to start up there…I’ll be watching closely guys, get it done!

 Go VC! 

 - Brandon Stirm.


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