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Above: Stirm with girlfriend Alison.

Azusa Pacific star midfielder Brandon Stirm took a minute for a second interview with VCSoccer.com!

VC: With the college school year coming to a close, how would you rate your first year at APU?

Stirm: My 1st here at APU as been an amazing experience. My classes were good, the soccer was amazing, and the people here are so kind-hearted that it is easy to fit right in and make friendships. 


VC: What's it like playing Spring soccer at APU? Do you play games?

Stirm: Spring soccer here at APU is fun for the most part. We play games in practice a lot as well as technical skills. We practice 3 days out of the week and practice is usually pretty light and relaxed which is completely different from the fall. We did play games during the spring; our 1st was against UC Santa Barbara and we lost to them on a penalty 2-1...we went down 1-0 then I gave a through ball to our forward who scored. We then beat CS Dominguez Hills 2-1, we played UC San Diego where we tied 2-2, and also the PDL team Seahorses in a friendly. 


VC: Looking back at your first year in college, how were your classes?

Stirm: Right now I am focused on getting my GE out of the way so classes have been so-so. The classes have been slow and the reason I am taking most of them is because the university requires them to be taken. 


VC: How is it living in LA?  Any strange stories?

Stirm: I enjoy living away and being on my own away from home. Although LA is really smoggy and packed with people, it has been a good experience. I have grown up near busy cities my whole life so I enjoy it and there is so much do to here in LA.


VC: What do you miss most about home?

Stirm: The lovely green hills of Northern California as well as my family...Home cooked meals are also a big miss because the cafeteria food here is not the best and I love my mom's cooking. Also, I miss John Basanese. 


VC: What are your plans for the summer?

Stirm: I plan to stay here in LA and play for a PDL Team, the Southern California Seahorses. 


VC: How does the team look for next year?

Stirm: The team is looking very strong for next year. We have almost all of our guys returning and Wolf has planned our schedule for the 1st six games against teams that were at the national tournament (All away). 


VC: Is the team going to travel to any exciting places next fall?

Stirm: We are traveling to South Bend Indiana, We are going to Chicago Illinois, also, we are going to Oklahoma and if we make the national tournament, (we will by the way) we are going to Florida. 


VC: Being 1st team All - GSAC your freshman year (congrats by the way!), what are you doing to make sure you continue to improve?

Stirm: The PDL is the best league a player can play while he is still attending college, I will be playing against DIV 1 players and it will keep my focus high on improving as a player. 


VC: Do you feel like you have more pressure on you now that you've proven yourself on the big stage?

Stirm: I am not feeling any pressure. I know the PDL will help me improve my game and I feel very confident right now...I know that I will be able to perform because I continued it through spring and I have shown the Seahorses what I can do.  Things are looking very good. 


VC: The word is, APU will return every player next year...How is the team chemistry?  Is there any team that can stop you guys this coming season?

Stirm: There are a couple players not returning next year due to grades, but we have all of our starting 11 returning and right now, we are going to be very dangerous...we have experience all over the field now and we understand each other very well. 


About VC Soccer... 


VC: Were you able to follow the Valley Christian soccer season last year?

Stirm: I was able to follow Valley Christian a little bit. I checked the scores on the website to see how they were doing and I was able to make it to a couple games. 


VC: How did you feel about the results?

Stirm: I thought it was a positive season. 


VC: Are you able to keep in touch with any of the current VC players back home?

Stirm: Every now an then I will talk to some of the guys but not as often as Id like. 


VC: Being an All Conference college soccer player, can you offer any new advice to the guys at VC who want to play college ball?

Stirm: Prepare your bodies very well and always keep improving yourself. The college game is faster and you need to be able to come and play everyday. 


VC: Finally, the rumor is that Brandon Stirm has a girlfriend, can you confirm this for VCSoccer.com?

Stirm: Yes I do have a girlfriend...Her name is Alison, she's great! (pictured at top with Brandon).