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Christian Turnlund


Valley Christian Summer Soccer Camp - Day 1

The Valley Christian Boy's Soccer summer camp got off to a great start on Monday, with over 30 kids coming out.  The weather was perfect, with a cloud cover, and temperatures in the high 70's.


The theme of the day was defense, and here are the key coaching points to remember from day 1!


  • Sweep the leg while passing, get balanced, and push your foot through the ball.  Don't stab at it!!

  • Defensive positioning.  Put a guide hand on the back of the offensive player, but be careful not to push.  Watch the ball, and be on your toes.

  • If an offensive player gives you space, take it.  Try not to allow them to turn.

  • A defender's job is to slow down the attack until help arrives.  Once you hear that you're clear to make a play for the ball, do so.

  • Close the space, "get there fast, but arrive slowly."  Don't overcommit.

  • Doing pressure cover, cut off the passes that will hurt the most, and LISTEN to your teammates for direction.

Make sure that you hydrate tonight, and come tomorrow with drinking water!


Photos from today's session can be found here!


Tomorrow's theme...The different types of passing, and properly receiving a pass!