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Valley Christian Summer Soccer Camp - Day 3

Day three of the Valley Christian Soccer camp went great!


The theme of the day was dribbling, and here are the key coaching points to remember from day 3!


  • The key to dribbling is to keep the ball close to your body.

  • Building dexterity in your feet, so that they are used to the ball will make you a better dribbler.

  • If you want to play high school varsity, and college soccer, it starts now!  Play as often as you can.

  • Form alliances when playing the knockout game. : - )

  • Only dribble if you have space, and remember that a kicked ball goes faster than any player can dribble.  Dribble until you find the right pass, and then release the ball!

Make sure that you hydrate tonight, and come tomorrow with water.  If you ran out today, bring more!


Photos from today's session can be found here!


Tomorrow's theme...shooting, shooting, and more shooting.  We'll even have Mr. Joe Cannon joining us from 11-12!



To read more about Joe, click here.