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Valley Christian Summer Soccer Camp - Day 4

Day four of the Valley Christian Soccer camp was one to remember.  The campers welcomed special guest, Joe Cannon, out to camp.  The goalkeepers received special coaching from Joe, who has twice been named the Aquafina Goalkeeper of the Year in Major League Soccer.


Coach John Basanese was quick to point out what Joe's appearance means to the players.


"Joe is not your run of the mill MLS player, he's one of the league's best players.  To have him take time on his day off to come out and spend time with our kids is a special thing.  Needless to say, we really appreciate it.  Our soccer program has a great relationship with Joe Cannon, and we're glad to have him back in San Jose."


The theme of the day was shooting, and here are the key coaching points to remember from day 4!


  • The best shot is a fast shot.

  • Work on landing on the foot you shoot with when you are hitting a power shot.

  • The difference between a shot and a finish?  A finish goes in the goal.  Work on your finishing. 

  • Keep your shots on frame, make the goalkeeper make the save.

  • The only way to improve your shot is repetition, practice as often as you possibly can!

Don't forget to bring your swim suit tomorrow, and a towel for a quick trip to the pool. 


Special thanks to Joe Cannon for joining us today.  We have over 150 photos from the day.  See below.


Photos from today's session can be found here!


Tomorrow's we will work on a combination of all the themes while playing the whole day!  Be ready to have some fun playing soccer!